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Former UFC Fighters Hint At Some Dana White Rumors

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Iron-fisted UFC boss Dana White has spent the last week feuding with former UFC heavyweight and current comedy guy Brendan Schaub. The tiff kicked off when White responded to Israel Adesanya’s Instagram video of comments that Schaub made on his Showtime show Below the Belt. White called Schaub a “MORON,” “a fucking tool,” and an “idiot.” Schaub responded by joking about White folding Ronda Rousey’s laundry, and that should probably have been the end of it.


However, Schaub then posted a lengthy iPhone note in which he called out White for being a jackass and a poor manager. He also ended it on a somewhat cryptic note, telling White, “Also, this is NO way Eskimo brothers should talk to one another. Last warning.” The threatening nature of Schaub’s note as well as the “Eskimo brothers” hint have sent the MMA world into a frenzy of sorts.

A few days later, Schaub explained that he called White out because the promotion’s czar was being unfair to his fighters and alienating the people he was supposed to have productive, trusting relationships with. He may have intended to spike the feud and get the MMA world to move on, but instead he gave it legs. Intriguingly, former UFC lightweight and current Bellator fighter Josh Thomson added his two cents earlier this week, and he alluded to other fighters having “similar problems” with White and people they were dating.

Thomson repeatedly refused to get into specifics, but he did elaborate on what he says he’s heard, which included stories of White using his position of power to try to “hang out” with certain fighters’ wives.

There are people that I’ve been close with, that have fought for the UFC for a long time, and they have had very similar problems to what Brendan’s having right now. Where he was dating a girl that maybe Dana was trying to date or either dating at the time and that girl kind of liked somebody else.

It just became an issue. Like all of a sudden that person wasn’t on pay-per-view anymore. All of a sudden that person was getting cut for no reason. It was little things like that. It just seems really, it’s so funny. For someone who has made $364 million. Really? I just don’t get it.

I’m talking about people that have, I don’t want to put anybody else’s name out there on blast, but there are people that were so ingrained, world champions, so ingrained in the company that are now are no longer even heard of, that Dana has either tried to hang out with that person’s wife.

Years ago, White’s mother June made comments in a video interview promoting her unauthorized biography of her son. At the time, she said he “mistreats women,” “puts Tiger Woods to shame,” and slept with his sister-in-law, as well as at least two UFC ring girls. “He goes after any girl he wants, and he usually gets them,” June said of her son.

“I would love to see Dana change. I really would. I would like to see him become a better person. I just keep saying it: There’s no reason to be that mean and cruel to people all the time.”


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