Former UNC Player Details Academic Fraud, Says "Everybody Knew"

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Former Tar Heels football player Tydreke Powell called into North Carolina radio station WJMH this morning and provided some interesting details about the academic misconduct that allegedly involved hundreds of UNC athletes.


Powell quoted former football coach Butch Davis as telling players, "If you all came here for an education, you should have gone to Harvard," while explaining that players were directed to take classes in the now-notorious AFAM department.

Powell says he took a paper class, and that "everybody knew" the nature of them. He also told the WJMH hosts that players were instructed to fail learning disability assessment tests so as to ensure players would be provided assistance during tests and for note-taking.


When asked about UNC basketball coach Roy Williams, Powell called Williams a "snake," and said students sought out classes in which basketball players were enrolled because that was a sure sign there'd be no actual work involved.

Finally, Powell threw in an anecdote about how a female student did all the work for one athlete, after which "we all ran a train on her."


Photo credit: AP