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Back when the World Series of Poker was a thing, one of the game's biggest stars was Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer. You probably spent at least one lonely night in front of your television, watching Raymer tear his way through the 2004 WSOP main event while wearing his signature holographic sunglasses. Things aren't going so well for Raymer these days, as he was just arrested in Wake Forest, N.C. after getting snared in a bullshit undercover prostitution sting.

According to police, Raymer responded to an advertisement on a site that is commonly used by prostitutes and set up a meeting at a local hotel. When Raymer arrived, he was arrested by undercover police officers and charged with prostitution and attempted crimes against nature.


Update: It appears that the "crimes against nature" charge and Raymer's soliciting of a male prostitute were falsely reported.

In case you were wondering, "attempted crimes against nature" is one of those fundamentally anti-gay statutes—it bans "unnatural sex acts"—that Lawrence v. Texas meant to vanquish. We're pretty sure this shit is unconstitutional. The entire operation, it seems, was put on solely to out and shame homosexuals in a Baptist town. As of 2010 Raymer was married (to a woman). He has a teenage daughter. Police told WRAL that the sting was carried out as a "pre-emptive measure to combat the nationwide growing trend of prostitution." And yet, no actual prostitutes or pimps were arrested.


Anyway, Raymer is scheduled to appear in court on April 18, along with five other men who were arrested in the same sting. These charges generally don't hold up well, so he should avoid criminal penalties. But he'll likely have to have an awkward talk with his wife, daughter, and extended family. And we suspect that's exactly what Wake Forest police wanted.


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