Found: Brewers Girl Is "Front-Row" Amy Williams, And She's Enjoying Getting To Know Deadspin's Readers

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We dispatched the I-Team yesterday to solve the mystery of the lady who sits behind home plate at many Milwaukee Brewers games. A reader wanted to know who she was, presumably so she could spread her joy and Brewers fandom with the world at large.

Well, it turns out there wasn't much of a mystery. As I-Teamer Brewer Nation emailed, "I know her. Her name is Amy. She is from Oshkosh. Single seat to games. What else is there to tell?" There was something else.


The I-Team soon found her on Twitter, @BrewerGirl823, and many Deadspin readers flocked to her page—her follower count has doubled since last night.

She seemed happy to have been featured on our site:

BrewerGirl823 @Deadspin That's me :) LOVE the #Brewers, great pitching & a sexy ass curve ball. & yes I keep score at every game.

BrewerGirl823 Now my man Brett Favre & I have something in common! Thanks Deadspin :) And, as always...Go Brewers!!!!

Well, yes, that's one way to put it.

And reader JR wrote in this morning having done more research on Amy:

Called a time out from my morning routine to do some research on this Amy Williams aka Front-Row Amy piece. First of all, there must be thousands of guys out there wondering why they are subconsciously drawn to watching shitty afternoon games at Miller Park. Social networking is a beautiful thing: Amy's profile picture. I'm sure there are some more keepers on there, but I have to go cry about the grief I got for picking up Tebow in my draft last night.


So, there you go, Brewers fans and social networkers. You now have an alternative to Tom Haudricourt for news about the NL-Central-leadingest club. Thanks, I-Team.

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