The identity of the Prescott, Ariz. fox attack victim has finally been revealed. Here is Michelle Felicetta, who agreed to step forward today so that her harrowing tale might serve as a warning to others who travel in fox-infested areas. We caution you that the details of her ordeal are not for the squeamish, and that the video below includes her description of how she "wrapped the fox in a sweater and threw it in the trunk." That sweater is probably totally ruined! Wow. Click to view This is a cautionary tale on how to survive in the wilderness when attacked by a deadly and ferocious fox, and we thank Michelle for stepping forward and, perhaps, saving lives. Key quote: "Be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared or have a plan set up on how you are going to deal with it." Whenever I go hiking, I have action plans in place for rabbit, chipmunk, hawk, deer and prairie dog attacks. Now fox will be added to the list. Arizona Jogger, Fox Latched To Ar, Runs For Help [Arizona Republic]