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FOX Broadcasts Some Viking Locker Room Dong

Thanks to everyone that sent us pics of this. It's hard to get emotional about Vikings head Brad Childress' son going into the Marines when there's all this flaccid black cock staring me in the face. Pretty sure Heidi Klum has the same problem when she's taping Project Runway, but we're getting off-topic. I'm not sure if this was in the Vikings' locker room after their win against Detroit or if this came from one of those cruise ships in 2005. This would be a good time to point out that, yes, the images after the jump are not safe for work.

Here we go.


Man, I'd hate to be Chris Cooley right now. But who is it? KOGOD thinks it might be this guy, but I really can't tell at all. Either way, I sure hope Coach Childress doesn't catch wind of any of this.


Whoops. The weekend's almost over, people. Enjoy your penis while you can, and thanks a ton to everyone that sent in images!

Censored image via the delightfully puritanical TSB

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