What would you do if, out of nowhere, Fox used a picture of your dog on their national sports broadcast?

This has been floating around the Interwebs for the last few days: Fox randomly grabbed a picture of some person's dog to run with their telecast. It seems odd that they would choose that dog; there has to be a clip art Santa dog somewhere, right?

The person seems unusually aggrieved, we'll say; copyright issues are no joke, sure, but ... your dog was on national TV. If our parents' dogs were on a football telecast, they would be showing the video to everyone within a 50 mile radius. They might have it on a loop on a big screen outside their house. In that regard, we guess, we're pretty glad this didn't happen.

All I Want For Christmas Is For FOX To Stop Using My Copyrighted Photos In Their NFL Broadcast Without Asking My Permission [Sweetney.com]