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Fox Sports 1: Be A Cool Bro And Ignore Your Nagging Bitch Wife With Us

In case you had any doubt about the Fox Sports 1 worldview, they dropped this turd on us this week.

You can watch the video, but here's a summary:

Woman: Waaaaahhhhhhh .... my man keeps watching football!

Man: Yes! What! What! Score! Yes! (crunching food sounds)

Even sadder: Someone probably got paid millions of dollars to come up with this idea.


And in case you were wondering about the quality of the football getting this bro aroused, here's one highlight from the ad. Week 11 lineup: TBA at TBA, TBA at TBA, TBA at TBA, TBA at TBA, TBA at TBA, TBA at TBA, and Florida Atlantic at North Texas.

Even sadder yet: Even the football in this ad sucks.



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