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Fox Sports Announcer Thinks He Is Interviewing Canucks' Ryan "The Guzzler" Kesler But Is Really Interviewing Kevin Bieksa

Noted troublemaker Kevin Bieksa of the Vancouver Canucks did a number on poor Mike Dunsmore of Fox Sports Radio following Game 4. Dunsmore apparently approached Bieksa thinking it was Kesler and Bieksa just played along. Right from jump street Bieksa references Kesler's controversial quotes about Canada during the Olympics. Bieksa (as Kesler) began singing the praises of playing in America and how he loved playing LA and hated to have to go home to Canada.

"The fans in Canada are great, but this is where the real hockey fans are...we'll go back to Canada, I'm sure the crowd won't be as good, but hopefully we get back to here where the real crowd is, like I said growing up in Michigan, I love the States. "


Bieksa then bestows the nickname "Guzzler" on Kessler and ends the interview with a rousing "God bless America."

h/t Kyle
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