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France's Manager Sues Samir Nasri's Girlfriend For "Public Insult"

After Samir Nasri's girlfriend took to Twitter earlier this week to slam the French national team for leaving her man off the World Cup team, said France manager Didier Deschamps has brought a lawsuit against her for public insult. This is so French.

In light of this incredibly frivolous suit, the French Football Federation made the following statement, surely pleading for calmer heads to prevail:

FFF condemns insulting remarks against Didier Deschamps and fully supports his coach in his approach.

The unanimous feedback confirmed that the entire France condemned such remarks. FFF believes that the unanimous indignation enough to condemn such behavior.


Or not. Furthermore, the FFF has threatened to bring suit of their own.

I'm aware that France has some pretty bugged out notions of free speech, but a cause of action for "public insults" sounds almost too French to be true. Sure enough, a cursory reading of this PDF on international insult laws lends credence to their existence. It probably has something to do with Deschamps's and the FFF's standing as a government entity but wow, who wants to live in a country where you can't MF the sports team?

Below, you will find the original story about Nasri's girlfriend's tweets.

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