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Frank TV Successfully Lands On Earth

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The anticipation is over, everyone; last night, the sainted moment finally came. "Frank TV" debuted! (For four episodes!) So ... how was it? Don't ask us; we didn't watch it. What, you think we're crazy?

Fortunately for us, if not for them, Collar Stays watched the whole show so we didn't have to. They came away, shockingly, less than impressed.

The impressions were actually really, really good, but they just weren't funny at all. About halfway through the show, as Frank was engaging a studio-audience member (also the co-host for the evening - not making this up) in a meaningless conversation which had the sole purpose of introducing the next impression, I realized that he seemed miserable. I bet he's like a really tall kid who doesn't really want to be a basketball player - but he's tall, so his parents, coaches and teachers push him into it. I bet Frank never wanted to be a comedian - but at a young age, he found he could duplicate the vocal patterns of other humans. So he was probably pushed into comedy, because that's what you do when you do impressions, but he was never really into it.


Only three episodes left! Catch it while you can!

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