Shame on me. I have neglected to plug Free Darko's "The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac: Styles, Stats, and Stars in Today's Game.." But I encourage all of youwho enjoy their sports books stuffed with the type of illustrations and freewheeling batshit basketball ephemera that will rock the body that rocks the party to buy it in Costco-sized bulk.

Last night, the Free Darko boys unleashed their snakeheaded lunacy upon the Varsity Letters reading series and killed, as much as one can kill in a dimly lit small venue using a slide projector. They're doing a couple more readings on their self-funded mini-tour, so go make yourself happy and experience it all firsthand.

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Tonight: Spend your Friday evening with Matt Sussman as he live blogs his Ball States off.


Weekend [KOGOD note: Mr. Joshua Zerkle will be handling the weekend duties]

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