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We always appreciate a good high school football prank, and Hilliard Davidson High School (Ohio) senior Kyle Garchar came up with a rather excellent one. And he was punished for it.

Garchar organized the above placard prank, forcing the rival school's fans to spell out "WE SUCK" unknowingly, and we have to say, if we were a 17-year-old high school senior, that would have been the highlight of our lives. Unfortunately, the school didn't find it as funny; he was suspended for it.

Besides the three days of in-school suspension that Garchar received for the prank, he also has been banned from participating in any school activities for a semester. For Garchar, that's the rest of his high-school career. He's finishing school early and moving to California, where he plans to attend college for engineering. His girlfriend, Danielle Jewell, and their friend Jen Trimmer helped with the prank and got the same punishment.

Some students consider the penalty harsh and want to organize a petition in an attempt to help them. Garchar isn't too concerned. "If you're going to do a senior prank, you want it to be remembered," he said yesterday.


We salute you, sir. Save Garchar!

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