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FreeDarko Will Blow Your Mind With Widgets

I am a big NFL fan. But my passion for that league looks like a mere dalliance when compared to the fantastically obsessive adoration the people at FreeDarko have for the NBA. I mean, they previewed every fucking GAME of the season, for shit's sake. You know, for those of you who need to know the outcome of the April 1st Wizards/Grizzlies game RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT!Anyway, if you're the sort of person who loves both the NBA and meticulous writing that you know is good but often sails directly over your head and out into the far reaches of space, Shoals and the gang have just the book for you. It's such a pretty book, I feel bad that I got so much fudge all over its insides. But, even better, they have a site for the book that includes excerpt widgets that you can embed into your own site, as you can see above. Because, as a blogger, nothing makes me happier than someone providing me with cool shit to fill up dead space with. God bless those crazy bastards.


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