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We remain impressed by the quality of guests that AOL Sports Bloggers Live have been bringing to their program. Dwyane Wade was on just the other day, and, in what's pretty clearly their best one yet, Ron Artest shows up and, as he tends to do, just starts freestyle rapping out of nowhere.

I m feastin again, you think I won t make it, I m gonna grab the whole rap game and bend it and break it;

Because its hip-hop, yeah, raw and uncut, pores smell like residue from sticky icky stuff, slip some Mickey in my cup;

Get pound out quick, roundhouse kicks, blood on your nice kicks, its hard for me to shoot bricks, easy to shoot pricks, flow got a high kick;

Just like Bruce, kid, maybe Chuck Norris, record sales taken off like flights departin', and you just survivin' cause your songs is garbage..."

The best part about this? We can't figure out whom he's trashing in his rap. We like to think it was one of the other sports blogger radio people. We imagine them sitting there, nodding along, and then being like, "Uh, Ron, sir, we just type for a living. Our 'songs' ... hey, 'garbage,' that's not nice!"

Well worth a listen.

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