All right, we've been told that the Gawker servers are ready to rock today, and we will have no more problems. We have faith! We are not so certain, however, that today's games will be any better than yesterday's. (Duke-Belmont excepted.) The early games aren't inherently promising. We have Gonzaga vs. Davidson, Tennessee vs. American, Miami vs. St. Mary's and Drake vs. Western Kentucky. Let's see how this goes, after the jump.



3:08: Holy crap! OK, Western Kentucky's Ty Rogers just hit our first buzzer-beater of the tournament ... and it was absolutely worth waiting for. Western Kenutcky wins, and we're probably rooting for them the rest of the tournament now. Wow.

3:06: We like that this Cox fellow is a former walk-on. For the lead ... he makes the free throw. Drake up 99-98. 5.7 seconds.


3:04: So Drake missed about six shots and finally flailed enough that somebody got fouled. That Cox fellow goes to the line. 5.7 seconds left.

3:02: OK, so Drake's down by one with 21.3 seconds left, and they have the ball. And no Korver!

3:01: The little Korver fouled out. We didn't know Korvers played enough defense to foul out.


2:59: With one minute left, Tyron Brazelton — no relation to Dewon, we presume — ties it for WKU. And the Korver kid misses a three, but Drake has it back ... 40 seconds ... Drake sure does have a lot of shooters .. and a VERY stupid foul by the Hilltoppers.

2:57: We find it unsettling when Young for Drake scores. It just tees up another Brando pun. Stop, Tim: Stop.

2:54: Only the young survive! Another three gives Drake a lead, but WKU comes back to make it within one. They aren't calling many fouls in this game; we just want 2 1/2 minutes without a stoppage in play. That makes it difficult to live blog. Knock it off, guys.


2:48: And crap. Looks like we have overtime. OK, let's see how this works.

2:47: A.J. Slaughter, the guy with the awesome name, is called for a charge, and now it's Drake ball. The mascot is sad.

2:46: Thirty seconds left, and we're tied on a three by a guy named Cox. Lots of white guys in Iowa. Who knew? Pretty amazing comeback by Drake, but Western Kentucky has the ball with 30 seconds left. We ask that this game not go into overtime, because we don't want to do two live blogs at once.


2:43: After a guy named Young brings Drake within one, Tim Brando yells "Only the young survive!" Boo on you, Tim Brando. BOOO. Also: Drake is favored in this game, Mr. Brando; this makes them NOT a Cinderella. 1:12 left.

2:41: Look! It's a Korver! They're so dreamy. Drake down six, two minutes.

2:38: Davidson has finally won one ... Stephen Curry did end up with 40. Miami has beaten St. Mary's, which leaves us only with Drake-Western Kentucky. The HIlltoppers are up by five with three minutes left? Should we keep the live blog going? Oh, why not?


2:34: So Davidson is wrapping this puppy up. Come on come on come on ... show Morrison! Still: We aren't crazy about their chances against Georgetown. Curry's gonna end up with more than 40 points.

2:32: It's looking like a Gonzaga loss; they're down five with 23.4 seconds to go. Oh, and look out: Drake's only down by five all of a sudden. Tennessee ended up winning by 15, by the way. We swear that game was closer.

2:31: How far has Adam Morrison fallen? He's been there the whole game, and the camera JUST NOW showed him, for the first time. Don't cry, Adam!


2:30: Gonzaga misses a three, and our man Lovedale screams and pulls down the rebound. He goes to the line ... he was really screaming, by the way. We heard him from Brooklyn, and not even through the TV. Davidson by five with 37 seconds. Their biggest lead of the game.

2:27: Curry! He hits ANOTHER 3-pointer off a loose ball to give Davidson a 3-point lead with 58.6 to go. Then he pointed at his parents in the stands. Hi, Dell! The original Dell Dude!

2:25: Hey, look Drake's trying to make a comeback: They're only down 10 with 5:18 to go. Meanwhile, Gonzaga-Davidson tied again. Billy Packer keeps raising his voice! It's like seeing Dick Cheney smile.


2:23: The last name "Lovedale" is pretty cool. Davidson by two. Gonzaga looks rattled. So many factors are going in Davidson's favor that we're just sure they're gonna blow it.

2:18: How good is the Gonzaga-Davidson game? Even Billy Packer seems to be enjoying himself. He must think he's watching Wake Forest. (Same general region!) Gonzaga has gone cold at the wrong time, with three-plus minutes without a basket. 3:03 left, Davidson by one.

2:16: Tennessee takes a nine-point lead with 1:51 left. So that dream is over. Your early winers are Miami (probably), Western Kentucky (definitely) and Tennessee (sigh). And we have this massive Gonzaga-Davidson game left, with 4:30 left. Gonzaga by two.


2:11: Davidson is about 85 percent better than they were in the first half ... but another three gives Gonzaga a tie game. Curry misses a three, and with 6:07 left, we are still tied. Tennessee is just about to put away American ... maybe.

2:10: Stephen Curry has 33 points. He has played two NCAA tournament games in his career, and he's gone over 30 in each. And he's a sophomore. 7:01 to go, Davidson up, this game rules.

2:07: Davidson has its first lead of the game. 8:20 to go.

2:05: You know, we thought Drake was supposed to be good? The Bulldogs are toast, down 13. Meanwhile, remember when St. Mary's was hanging with Miami, and even up? They're down by 14. That one's done. Which means we can focus on these two now.


2:02: Another American trey brings it within one ... but then the Vols drain another one. We've got some fun ones happening right now. Meanwhile ... Curry hits another one! Davidson and Gonzaga are tied.

2:01: You can't keep American down: It's back to a four-point game. Sandra Day O'Connor is probably throwing her robe over her had and dancing nude throughout the chambers. We are sure Clarence Thomas will stay for that.

:1:55: After a 10-0 run, Greg Gumbel and Co. lose interest and switch back to Davidson-Gonzaga. Stephen Curry is pretty fun: He has scored 11 straight, and the Wildcats are down four. Davidson, perhaps more than any other school with the nickname "Wildcats," needs to change their nickname to something other than "Wildcats." They would benefit from being know as, like, "the Wooden Shoes" or something.


1:52: Damn Returning-To-Median: Tennessee scores eight straight point, mostly by flexing. Miami is back up on St. Mary's, but Davidson is down by seven and not looking like they're making much of a run. But hey: Hilltoppers!

1:47: NYC CBS switches to Tennessee-American ... and just in time! A 3-pointer by Garrison Carr — his second in 20 seconds — ties it at 40. This is another time we are glad we don't have HD; Pearl wouldn't look too good right now.

1:44: Curry's doing everything he can to keep Davidson hanging around, but Gonzaga clearly looks like they better team: They're up by nine.


1:41: Look out, kids: American is within three of Tennessee. We wonder if Bruce Pearl is sweating. Well, more than he usually does.

1:36: Stephen Curry is 4-for-5 from deep, and Davidson is back down by two. We suspect our friend is leaping around like an idiot now, though he's known for doing that. And another Gonzaga three! Who needs affluent athletic departments?

1:35: During the little break, we drank some Kool-Aid. Steven Gray for Gonzaga has six 3-pointers.


1:30: George Takei has a secret talent? Holy shit! We gotta watch that show!

1:28: Tennessee is only up by four! They are almost compulsively undisciplined, we might add. God do we want American to win.

1:25: As for the Yahoo Scenario Generator, it's still there; it's just hard to find. A reader writes: "Yahoo still has it, it's just not in a place that makes any sense. It's in red on the right side of the bar with Home, Overall, Group, and My Bracket. I'm sure this is one of those design choices that sounded great when you start talking about Bold Colors and Eye Grab and not so great when no one knows where the hell to look for it because it's way off in the corner by itself in a place that's not where anyone would look for it." Indeed!


1:19: A.J. Slaughter, which is just an amazing name, is leading Western Kentucky to a substantial nine-point halftime lead on Drake. It still sucks that all these mid-majors are knocking each other out, though. Still: An exciting morning. Or afternoon. What time is it again?

1:14: Billy Packer is so old-school that he talks about players "getting a blow" when they need rest. Gotta love that. Gonzaga takes a five-point lead at the half, and it's a good morning for the West Coast Conference.

1:11: While we were looking away, Drake fell behind Western Kentucky. Our biology teacher reigns! Why do we have a feeling the second half of that Tennessee game is gonna be like the Washington State-Winthrop game last night? Like, Tennessee is going to score 70 points or something.


1:08: You know, for supposedly how great Davidson is, they sure do resemble every other smaller mid-major undersized slow guys chuck-the-threes team. They're down by five now, though; they can hit their free throws, we'll give them that.

1:05: Honestly, the Guitar Hero commercial where Slash comes out from that guy's stomach freaks us out every time we see it. We think it's the first coming out of the mouth.

1:03: The game that was supposed to be the most evenly matched has the largest margin right now. American still hanging in!


12:59: As if on cue, Davidson takes off on a 7-0 run. Good. We saw enough blowouts yesterday. Poor Sussman, he seems exhausted last night with all the bad games.

12:55: Hey, anybody else wondering why Yahoo doesn't have its Scenario Generator on its fantasy game this year? We loved that thing.

12:54: Make it an 11-point Gonzaga lead. Was Davidson the most popular higher-digit seed in pools? We think they were.


12:53: Davidson has gone extremely cold and is now down by eight. One of our best friends is a Davidson grad, and every year, he watches his team lose in the tournament. Losing to Gonzaga, who became the real mid-major darling in their place, would be brutal. Particularly if it weren't close.

12:50: Just to note ... American is down by two with five minutes left in the first half. This WOULD be better than Duke losing. Tennessee is down in offensive rebounds 11-1. That's not good.

12:48: It seems to make all those WCC fans have two of their teams play at the same time ... at 9:30 in the morning out there. Alas. Gonzaga's up by three.


12:47: We think it's pretty cool that Drake's head coach is the son of Dr. Tom Davis, whom we used to love (really) when he coached for Iowa. We wish son Keno did the sub-five-at-a-time thing that Dr. Tom used to do. We bet, when that Lickliter fellow doesn't fix Iowa, Dr. Tom Jr. ends up there.

12:42: Josh Heytvelt, man, that was an amazing block. Dude. We find it difficult not to root for a basketball player who does/did shrooms. We really do.

12:40: This Davidson-Gonzaga game is going to be amazing, we can just smell it. Davidson just got two free throws from a guy named Max Paulhus Gosselin, who really, REALLY looks like he would work for the Dharma Initiative. And yes: We're FINALLY catching up on Lost. We're halfway through the third season. Please don't tell us what happens. They're tied at 15 right now.


12:37: Honestly, we could look at Western Kentucky's mascot all day. He looks like our junior year biology teacher except, you know, red.

12:34: For the record, American is still up on Tennessee with 13:27 left in the first half. It's 9-7, but whatever. We'll take it.

12:32: We're noticing why perhaps Curry was not heavily recruited by the larger schools; the guy doesn't appear to care about defense. Like, at all. His man has already drained two wide-open 3-pointers. We'd call that "defensive indifference." Neither team has missed a shot yet, but it's 10-6 Gonzaga.


12:29: As you'll note from the picture above, Stephen Curry is not the most handsome man in the world. (Neither was his dad.) But man, his jumper sure is pretty. It's Bo Kimble-esque.

12:25: Sadly, they leave Raftery and the greatness of no defense and head to ... well, Davidson-Gonzaga is OK. Hey, look, it's Billy Packer. He's not gonna like these two non-BCS schools playing. Is there any way they can both lose?

12:22: Bruce Pearl hatred aside, we do love watching Tennessee play. Nobody even tries to play defense. It's like an NBA All-Star Game out there, with less weed.


12:19: We are disappointed that American University Chancellor Sandra Day O'Connor isn't here. We're guessing she just didn't want to listen to Rocky Top for two hours. We know how she feels. Already.

12:17: The first tipoff is Tennessee-American. Considering our long-standing antipathy toward Bruce Pearl, no upset would make us happier today. But we're not holding our breath. The good news: Bill Raftery is here! mantaman!


Pregame: Not sure what the local NYC game is today, but we have a fear that it's not gonna be Davidson-Gonzaga, which is just a shame. Seth Davis is one of those people who have jumped on the Siena bandwagon. We're not sure we understand why everyone's into that, but hey: We picked Oral Roberts, so what do we know?