We've gotten the emails too: "Bret Favre to join Dancing With The Stars?" We ignored them until PFT posted the rumors early this morning. As fascinating as that would be, the tale of how the rumor made it this far is an even better story.

Dan Shanoff at Quickish did the legwork, tracing the seed of the rumor to a quote from Kurt Warner on Monday, jokingly suggesting Favre would be good for the show. Someone with the show immediately, as in three paragraphs later, shot it down.

But it went to Bleacher Report, to a local news site, to a USA Today entertainment column, to PFT. Somewhere along the line it became less "Kurt Warner thinks Brett Favre should join the show" and more "Brett Favre might be joining the show." PFT has updated, linking to Shanoff's detective work (and to be fair they never claimed these were more than rumors), but one wonders if it's not too late to put this genie back in the bottle.

Brett Favre on "Dancing With the Stars?" No. Not Even a Rumor. [Quickish]