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From The Desk Of Gary Belsky: Gynecology Edition

Gary Belsky is the EIC of ESPN The Magazine, which you probably know as the strange, unwieldy object wedged into your mailbox every other week. Sometimes, funny things happen at Gary's magazine, and employees tell us about them.

Today's story:

"Who among us has not wondered what it would be like to spend a day in the shoes of ESPN The Magazine's editor in chief? Well, this week, one lucky fan got that chance — and it only cost him a couple thousand dollars for charity. The fan won the right to shadow Belsky for an entire day, attending editorial meetings, rubbing shoulders with senior staff members and even sitting in on The Mag's satellite radio show Belsky co-hosts with ESPN publishing honcho Gary Hoenig. No word as to whether Gary's new friend plans on returning the favor by showing Belsky the ins and outs of his noble trade. He's a gynecologist."


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