FSU Cowgirl Friend Of Jenn Sterger's Corroborates Favre Voicemail, Cock Photo

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No, it's not 60 Minutes, but Playboy radio interviewed former FSU Girl and "friend" of Jenn Sterger, Allison Torres, who is surprised The Favre Dong story has surfaced now. Jenn showed her the photo of it two years ago, she said.


"I'll never forget when it happened....[h]er phone is the biggest little black book of these secrets. I've seen more naked men and shenanigans. It's unbelievable. These boys just love to send their beautiful pictures. She showed it [Brett Favre's cock] to me two years ago.And I listened to a voicemail, too, that he left her..."

You get the gist.

And how was Lil' Slinger?

"Nothing to write home about."

Aw. He's just having fun out there.

The Favre/Sterger talk begins around 2:16.


* Oh, Terez Owens has a source who told him Jenn's full of shit. He didn't even want to report the story. He's above the sort of gutter gossip that could potentially ruin people's lives. Unless it involves Delonte West fucking LeBron James' mom. [Terez Owens]


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