"Fuck Him Up," Spectators Cheer As Two High School Hockey Teams Brawl

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Philadelphia-area high schools Central Bucks West and Ridley met last night in the Class 2A quarterfinal of the Flyers Cup, a high school tournament put on by the Flyers every year. Central Bucks West was up 7-1 in the third period when the game was called, on account of an out-of-control brawl involving most of the players on both teams and even a pair of spectators.

The brawl definitely feels more dramatic thanks to a spectators’ shrill, Philly-accented pleas for an identified player to, “FUCK HIM UP!”


Tensions had been running high all game, and officials handed out 50 penalties (not penalty minutes, penalties) throughout the duration of the game. A local rag, the Intelligencer, reports that both teams had been talking shit for a while before the brawl broke out. Referees struggled to get the scuffle under control or prevent an ejected player from joining in on the action. Local police showed up, although no arrests were made. The Intelligencer reports that “several spectators” tried to get onto the ice, but only two successfully made it.

Good thing too, since they avoided whatever was going on up top with the apparently mad hockey parents.