"Fuck Steph Curry" Goes Viral And/Or "Viral"

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A song for the haters ... or, perhaps, the allies?

A Lil B copycat named, ahem, “Lil Boom” has somehow reached to the #3 slot of Spotify’s “Viral 50" with his mantric anthem, “Fuck Steph Curry.” It’s a clear response to Lil B’s “Fuck KD” and (in my personal opinion) a little too in vibe with Migos’s “Hannah Montana” and Lil B’s “Miley Cyrus,” but, hey, let’s assume that’s the whole point.

In case you were wondering how one enters the “Viral 50,” it is via Spotify’s algorithm that calculates the popularity of a song not by the number of times it has been bought, but rather by “how many people are listening to the song,” and “what they’re doing after they discover it for the first time. Do they add it to a playlist? Do they keep playing it? Do they share it with their friends? In the Age of Data we have the opportunity to more effectively define what makes a track ‘successful.’”

Look, while Lil Boom is definitely what the Based God would deem a “hater”—complete with his idiotic references to Curry’s “Illuminati status” and Riley, one of the Best Sports Babies of The Year—there must be a reason that this song has become “viral” in the last few days. Listening to the lyrics doesn’t feel good. Don’t do it, they’re bad. The hook, however, is a sentiment we can all partake in—or at least, those of us who find ourselves surrounded by overwhelmingly intense Curry stans.