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"Fuck Them Is Right!": Ed Orgeron Is Hollerin' And LSU Looks Good

Illustration for article titled Fuck Them Is Right!: Ed Orgeron Is Hollerin And LSU Looks Good
Photo: Kevin C. Cox (Getty Images)

On the leg of a former D-II kicker, LSU downed Auburn at Jordan-Hare Stadium on Saturday, cementing LSU’s best start to a season since 2015. Nobody was more pumped about the outcome than Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron, who celebrated by shoulder-checking a cop:


Orgeron has good reason to be fired up. Through three games, the Tigers have been nothing short of spectacular. To their name they can count two top-10 victories—they opened the season with a convincing 33-17 win against Miami and then followed it up this week’s 22-21 nail-biter. After starting the season with question marks at nearly every skill position and presently missing nearly a dozen players out with injury or suspension, Saturday’s last-second victory was delivered by the leg of Cole Tracy, a kicker that just a year ago was suiting up for Assumption College, whatever the hell that is.


The win was nothing short of a declaration of war against divisional foe Alabama, who has a date with LSU on November 3. The Tigers still have to get through Georgia before that game, but for now they can enjoy the pleasure two solid victories and the rootinest, tootinest coach in the country going absolutely bananas:

Here’s how that sounded from inside the locker room:

Contrary to popular belief, Orgeron was not directing the above exclamation at Auburn, but instead at the usual crew of “haters” that make up the media, the ones that collectively voted to rank them fifth in their division back in July, putting eight SEC teams atop them in the preseason conference rankings. (At this time, I’ll note that even dingbat Deadspin readers at least had them in the top 25.)


This isn’t Orgeron’s first gem of a hype speech, of course—who could forget his all-timer in LSU’s beatdown of Texas A&M last season, one that, when paired with the above inspiration, will etch Orgeron’s name alongside Knute Rockne’s when it’s all said and done.

I love this man so very much.

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