Furman Bisher Is Annoyed All You People Believed That Tiger Woods Plastic Surgery Story

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Furman Bisher (The Bish), the 91-year-old retired columnist who was credited with "breaking" the Tiger Woods toothless email, has finally realized after a few days that he'd inadvertently become international news thanks to his post. Now — BISH MAD.

In one of the most adorable blog posts ever published, Bisher explains how the innocent little tidbit he received in an email from a longtime journalist friend went haywire, resulting in an unwelcome new audience and "calls from across the sea." Then he gets downright grouchy:

It was not intended for anybody but those who are plugged into my blog-which is free of charge. No subscription charges are involved. Since I retired from daily columning, I simply like to write a few things now and then, and stay in touch with friends, and pass on information from trusted sources. Anybody else who got it is an intruder, no friend of mine. God knows, how 43,000+ people who have nothing to do but peep in on such an insignificant website as mine irritates me.

That, I suppose, illustrates my electronic illiteracy. But, if you are among the offended, then stay off my website. It's for friends only.


God bless him.

If anything, Bish spurred the seemingly disinterested Florida Highway Patrol into action, as they stepped forward today and revealed that, as far as they know, Tiger wasn't missing any teeth:

Montes said troopers only noted "a fat lip" and no other facial injuries — and no reason to believe he was the victim of domestic violence


And, of course, WESH TV dedicates a paragraph to "refute" the report that Tiger flew to Phoenix. The one "first published" by poor Bish.

This would appear to refute a report first published by an Atlanta sportswriter indicating Woods had been struck with a golf club by his wife, Elin, and had a gash in his face that required him flying to Phoenix for plastic surgery. Woods agent has denied that account.


Aw. In actuality, it appears the story was first published on the GolfWRZ forum on December 19th. So you see? Bish was just the messenger. If he only knew how to hyperlink, none of this would have happened.

(H/T Pete Gaines for the Bish report.)


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