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Further Heavy Reading In The Land Of The Footie

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It's a trend we like and would tend to encourage; passive-aggressive insults by European soccer fans. Bradford City, a League One soccer club, recently published a book about rival club Leeds United, entitled Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Not So Massive Club That Was Super L666ds, which consists of 36 blank pages. (Funny, but we still suspect that some English soccer fans will employ a bookmark while reading it).

Not that we don't have our own versions of that book over here. At Oprah's Blank-Book-Of-The-Month Club, you can pick up exciting titles such as these, which include not a single word or picture:

• The Story Of My Life, by Barbaro.

• The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Strahan, by Michael Strahan, with Mike Freeman.

• How To Watch Football Smarter, by the USC Song Girls.

• The David Wells Diet, by David Wells.

Dignity, Always Dignity, by Bally.

Bradford's Dig At Not-So-Super Rivals [Ananova]


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