Gaelic Football Champions Hospitalized After Falling Off Parade Truck

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Gaelic football team Enniskerry GAA won the Wicklow Junior B-level football championship on Saturday, and disaster struck as they were celebrating atop a bus, when the railing crumpled and sent a good chunk of partiers to the pavement. Nine people were hospitalized, though nobody was critically hurt, per the team. That said, the dude in the striped shirt looks like his arm got turbo-pretzeled.

The team released a statement the following day, confirming that “all the lads are doing ok” with several already out of the hospital:

Hindsight is a great thing but the main focus now is the well-being and recovery of our club members.

A quick update; yesterday evening on what was to be a long awaited day of celebrations, unfortunately, an accident occurred in the village as the men’s team celebrated their JBFC win resulting in 9 members of Enniskerry GAA team being admitted to St Vincent’s and Tallaght Hospital.

Thankfully all the lads are doing ok, 3 were sent home in the early hours of this morning, another 2 have been sent home earlier today with another expected this evening leaving 3 remaining in Vincent’s. No injuries are life threatening however some do require surgery.

Although it was under the worst circumstances we ever could have imagined, last night proved what a great village and community we have around us. We have many thanks to pay which we will do in the coming days but for the moment we would ask for respect and privacy for all involved.

On a brighter note, we cannot forget the reason why the team was celebrating last night. In the last four years, this team has reached three finals and one semifinal, losing three of the four matches by just 1 point. Yesterday we saw our black & amber army beat Avoca by 6 points to finally take home that championship cup to our village 🏆 💛🖤

Thankfully all injured will pull through this and the team are under strict instructions from Barto to make sure they finally have a drink out of that cup later this evening!!


Here’s hoping the last few can join the celebration soon.

h/t to Barry