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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Gamblers Can Finally Take a Deep Breath

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New England was up ten when they went for it on 4th and Goal late in the game. For someone like me, with fair amount of money invested in a 17 point spread (or 16.5 if you were lucky), this is where things got nutty. Just as it looked that Cleveland would run out the clock (if Romeo can't win he can at least try to cover) Kellen Winslow had the ball stripped from his grasp. Randall Gay snatched the ball and all he thought about was crossing the plane of the end zone. I have no idea why he didn't just take a knee, but it certainly helped to make my day. Final score: 34-17 (push).


NY Giants 35 - NY Jets 24 Eli was significantly less shitty in the second half and his pair of touchdown passes (Shockey and Plaxico) gave the Giants an opportunity to win the battle for Jersey supremacy. Chad Pennington looked like he was throwing around a small pig rather than an inflatable leather ball. His slightly askew passes were picked out of the air seemingly at will. Aaron Ross hauled in two of them, including one that he returned for the game clinching touchdown. Mike Greenberg wants you to know that he's super-duper sad.

Washington 34 - Detroit 3 WOOO! FUCKING HOO! That was a masterful display. Sellers with two touchdowns, Sean Taylor with the best block all year, and Carlos Rodgers actually caught an interception—so it is possible! Big win for the Skins and a telling loss for the Lions. I may be a homer but I know that our front four is a below average unit, yet they pummeled Detroit inside.


Arizona 34 - St. Louis 31 It's always fun to see Gus Frerotte out on the field but he couldn't do enough to secure the Rams first win. Once again Kurt Warner stepped up to finish off what Matt Leinart was not permitted to. I'm not sure why they keep starting Leinart and then benching him after a few drives, either play him or sit him. Leinart wasn't terrible, but Warner was good enough to lead the team to another win.

I'd post the rest of the early games, but they didn't really do it for me. Besides, time's winged chariot is catching up to us.

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