We've barely withheld our admiration for Austria's love of the NFL, and official network PULS4 gave the Super Bowl its full attention on Sunday—complete with lengthy pre-game show, halftime analysis, and, yes, Super Bowl ads. Oh, and they updated that awesome Game of Thrones-themed intro for the game, too.

Just like here in the States, Richard Sherman drew a lot of the attention before the game; PULS4 aired his entire backstory, fully subtitled:

Like most viewers, though, we focused on the ads. Here's a sampling of them; Nutella was by far the biggest sponsor, though the broadcast as a whole was backed by something called "Eat The Ball."

Several ads that aired in the U.S. were modified for German-speaking audiences, including the war-themed Axe spot. They have Axe in Austria. We're sorry, Austria.