Most of you seem to be watching either Michigan-Northwestern or Purdue-Notre Dame. Which makes sense, because, well, that's what's on. Purdue is shutting out UND, while Northwestern holds a 13-7 lead over the Wolverines. In other games: LSU has a mere 10-9 lead over Tulane, Illinois leads Penn State 21-17, and Virginia Tech holds a narrow 7-3 lead over UNC. But first, we turn to South Carolina, to receive not only an update on South Carolina's quarterback situation, but our weekend's best dick joke thus far, as Hugh II: And the Nedyssey Continues...

My friend just sent me a phone picture of him at the South Carolina game showing his support for the Gamecocks' new QB, Chris Smelley. He's wearing a shirt that says "Our Cock Is Smelley." β€” clarkwgriswld5


In a weird way, I'm actually kinda grateful to the Big Ten Network for ending my weekly self-punishment ritual, otherwise known as televised Northwestern football. ESPN, you were my enabler for far too long. β€” thesnevik

If Jimmy Clausen is asking for advice from his brother, he was obviously born into the wrong family. Maybe the Leaks could adopt him. β€” Rodeo Queen

I know it's early, but your big east co-leaders are Syracuse, UConn, and South Florida. Also: the earth is spinning off it's Axis and we are hurtling toward the sun. β€”doctaj716


ND game: David Grimes..... Grimes... oooooohhhh, Grimey! how is he?! β€” algiers4

Hey, Michigan's getting upset on the Big Ten Network? Who would've thought?β€” AsInHowe

I feel like I'm in Bust Quarterback Heaven...Andre Ware commenting on Ron Powlus in the Notre Dame booth while signaling to the popcorn vendor, Ryan Leaf β€” liquidwisdom33


Erin Andrews, I beg of you: never ask how Matt Painter and Joe Tiller "piggyback" off each other in recruiting ever again. β€” Signal to Noise

If Weis has a job at 3pm today, I'll go gay. β€” Precious Roy

I didn't quite realize how bad Notre Dame is. I mean, they can't get points against the Boilermakers? This is the best season ever. β€” The Victoria Times