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Some athletes like the multiplayer options and upgrades that come with PC gaming. Others prefer the simplicity and cost of console gaming. But they can all agree: stealing gaming platforms from fellow students is the way to go.

Radford University point guard Amir Johnson was convicted of petit larceny yesterday, after breaking into the off-campus apartment of two former teammates and stealing their "PlayStation," some games for it, and an iPod. (I'm going to assume it was at least a PS2, but that the Roanoke Times doesn't know the difference.)


Meanwhile at Ohio University, cornerback Travis Carrie and defensive lineman Corey Moncrief each plead guilty to charges of receiving stolen property after they were found in possession of computers stolen from two residence halls.

So who got off better? Johnson merely had to pay a fine and reimburse his teammates for their electronics. But Carrie and Moncrief each have to serve two days in jail, and write a letter of apology to the computers' owners. If I know college athletes, they can do the jail time standing on one leg, but that whole writing a letter thing's gonna be a bitch.

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Second OU player Sentenced in Computer Theft [Columbus Dispatch]

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