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Gary Pinkel's DWI Arrest On Dashboard Camera: "Well, There Are Other Letters Between 'H' And 'R'"

Gary Pinkel was arrested on November 16th for driving while intoxicated. The Boone County Sheriff's department has since released video of his arrest.

During the video he admits that he had two "jumbo" glasses of red wine within an hour and half. The arresting officer—who seems pretty nice, actually—puts Pinkel through a series of tests to gauge his sobriety. Of note, Pinkel was asked to repeat the alphabet from the letter "E" to the letter "R." He was then asked to count backwards from 73 to 62, to which he responds "I can't do that normally, are you kidding me?"


Pinkel indicated his highest level of education was a Master's degree.

h/t to John F.

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