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Gary Sheffield; No Saner Now Than He Was On Friday

As Gary Sheffield held a large steak to his aching melon over the weekend, Bob Watson, the Major League Baseball official in charge of on-field discipline, confirmed that he will review video of Friday's brawl between the Tigers and Cleveland Indians to levy possible fines and/or suspensions. Meanwhile, Sheffield talked of dispensing his own brand of justice, with the Indians' Fuasto Carmona and Asdrubal Cabrera at the top of the list. Said Sheffield on Saturday of Cabrera, who supposedly held Sheffield while teammate Carmona pounded his head:

"He'll get taken care of, trust me," Sheffield said. "If you take a cheap shot at me, I'll never forget it. I won't forget it until the day I die."


Then this exchange through the press:

In Saturday's editions of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland catcher Victor Martinez was quoted as saying, "He didn't say nothing going down to first base. If he wants to do something, then charge right there. He just walked to first base with that attitude. Who is he? Shut your mouth and keep playing the game." When told of Martinez's remarks on Saturday, Sheffield replied, "Who am I? Tell him to check the stats. How many years he have? He's going to learn respect. Somebody will teach him respect. Trust me. ... He ain't done nothing in this game. Anybody can have a couple years. Do it for 20 years, and then come talk to me."

Who charges the mound from first base following a pickoff attempt? Only Gary Sheffield. Moral of story: Do not start brawls during seasons when you're not using the cream. Sheffield Still Steaming [SFGate] War Of Words Continue In Aftermath Of Sheffield Brawl [Detroit Free Press] Sheffield Gunning for… Asdrubal Cabrera? [Waiting For Next Year]

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