For "aggressive actions directed at umpire Greg Gibson," Detroit Tigers DH Gary Sheffield was suspended for three games. Sheff broke his bat, and then threw the handle down ... somewhere. He says he threw it towards the dugout, Major League Baseball says he threw it at the ump.

He's appealed his suspension, and says if it's upheld, he'll rip the lid off a conspiracy in baseball and their devil sandwich made of lies and hubris.

Sheffield suggested to the Detroit Free Press that he would expose a "conspiracy" within the game if he is not cleared of wrongdoing."

"Once they see the tape, and they still suspend me, then we're going to talk about this conspiracy that's going on," he said. "If it ain't no conspiracy, then I shouldn't be suspended at all."

Well, here's hoping that suspension is upheld. I'm rather curious about what Mr. Sheffield has to say. Besides, he could use the extra time to counsel Elijah Dukes.

Sheffield, Bard appeal three-game suspensions []