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Canadian rocker Geddy Lee sat in some primo seats for a recent Blue Jays game, and the living testament to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame's illegitimacy appeared to enjoy himself—if spending a bit too much of the game checking out his text messages.

Lee's actually been a Jays season ticketholder in the past, which leads you to wonder what he finds so interesting about the game. Certainly we imagine he was a fan of last season's waiver transaction when Toronto picked up a free Wil Ledezma. While the Blue Jays have called up some flat-out questionable prospects to the Show, don't tell Geddy Lee. What scouts may call a fly by night prospect is somebody the Rush frontman hopes can stick it out and show some grace under pressure.


But Lee's professed a love of being in attendance for other reasons: the signals from a third base coach, or a Bautista slam driven so far it ends up in the trees. Lee believes that in the modern finances of the American League East, it's a new world, man, and someday the Blue Jays will show the vital signs that a pennant might come before 2112.

But mostly he just loves the "Cold beer here!" call of salesmen, of salesmen, OF SALESMEN.

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