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Genius Philly Fan Posts The License Plate He Stole From Montreal Writer Online

Everyone knows that all crimes committed immediately following a significant hockey victory cannot be prosecuted under the law, but that rule has always assumed that the suspects aren't complete blockheads who don't know how to keep their mouth shut.

Pat Hickey, the Montreal Gazette writer who had his car vandalized during Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals, believed he had stumbled upon the culprit online. If you just said, "Facebook!" then stop working ahead. Yes, someone posted on their page a photograph of the Quebec license plate that was formerly attached to Hickey's car.


The man who posted the picture claims that he is not the one who stole the plate and that he wasn't even at Game 1—he just found the photo online. But he knows who did take it and will sing like a canary if it gets the Québécoise off his back. But either way, someone committed a crime in 2010 and was so desperate to brag about it that he figured it would be a good idea to leave a digital paper trail for the whole world. That's a hockey fan, for you.

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