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George Best, R.I.P.

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As all those who didn't like to play outside as a child mourn the passing of Mr. Miyagi Pat Morita, we pause to lament the passing of one of soccer's most popular players, George Best, a guy who drank hard, played harder and never met a pair of legs he couldn't scramble up.

Our Brit soccer correspondent parlays his pain this morning:

"He was a genius; if you ask me he was the greatest footballer ever to have lived. He was the first footballing superstar and he lived the life of a playboy. This article pretty much sums up everything you'd need to know."


The Mantle of soccer, if you ask us ...

Football Legend George Best Dies [Financial Times]
The Best, The Bravest And The Most Beautiful Footballer That Has Ever Lived [TimesOnline]

(An even better eulogy can be found here)

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