Eye-tracking technology has finally confirmed what many an insecure male was deathly afraid of: we all, at one time or another, enjoy a cursory glance at the cock. And women don't.

And guys, it gets worse (my emphasis):

The revelation that the wandering eyes belonged to the males was embarrassing enough for the men in the audience, but researchers Laura Ruel and Nora Paul had a further humiliation in store. They got the same results when they repeated the experiment with pictures on the American Kennel Club site.


What amazes me is that not one — ONE! — woman in this test audience was staring at George Brett's pine tarred bat. Not one speckle of blue on that groin. In fact, they're actually staring at his chest, a little. The silver lining in all this, is that if we ever get caught staring at cleavage, we can yank out this picture and say, "Yeah, well, you do it too!" Just be sure to hold the picture whilst covering up the left-hand side crotch with your thumb.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball [MediaFile] (via Andrew Sullivan)