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Georgetown Beats Louisville In Game That Was 24 Seconds Longer Than Regulation And Came Down To The Final Possession

Fifth-ranked Louisville dropped its third consecutive game today to Georgetown in what was a one-possession struggle for the final six minutes of action. Those final six minutes, strangely, were actually a bit more than that; the clock inexplicably stopped at 6:07 and stayed that way for 24.37 seconds. As far as we can tell, no correction to the clock was made, nor did anyone seem to even notice the clock was stopped that entire time (other than Rick Pitino, who seemed too occupied to really do anything about it).


Hey, free basketball! We're not sure how the clock stoppage would have affected the game's outcome, except that given it was a one-possession game the entire way, the final minute (at least) could have been wildly different. That having been said, Louisville completely botched their late-game strategy and deserved to lose either way—weird clock or not. [ESPN]

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