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Georgetown-Marquette Eventually Reaches Exciting Conclusion

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I remember seeing who won this Georgetown-Marquette game on TV, but I don't really recall who it was, and more to the point, that's not important right now. While this clip of the final 40 seconds is mind-fondling thrilling, notice how long the clip actually is. Ten minutes long. We were so fortunate that this drawn out final minute was actually good, because normally it's an eight-point lead that takes 10 minutes to conclude.


So enjoy it this time, people. Come tournament time, a good lot of these games' final minutes will make the airline delays look manageable.

(Video from Awful Announcing)

Shoulda Been You, Skip Prosser. Mike Krzyzewski guided Duke to an 87-86 victory over NC State, giving him his 800th career victory. He's 102 shy of his mentor Bob Knight on the career wins list, and therefore must resist the urge to use steroids, which in this case is hair coloring Seriously, media. That's why he looks young. No bald spot, coupled with putting the Just For Men CEO's kids through medical school.

Ick. While I'm happy for Morgan State, their MEAC-clinching win over Delaware State had the final score of 39-36. The halftime score was 22-13. Only one guy on either team had double-figure points. Comatose patients who were listening to this game on the radio sank further into comas.