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Georgetown's James Akinjo Teaches Seton Hall's Quincy McKnight A Lesson On Actually Playing Defense After Slapping The Floor

The most important part about taunting an opponent is one’s ability to back it up when the time comes. This was not the case for Seton Hall’s Quincy McKnight in Saturday’s game against Georgetown. After scoring on a tough drive to the basket, the junior guard got back on defense to face off against Hoya freshman James Akinjo. Clearly still hyped about his bucket, he smacked the floor of Georgetown’s home court with both hands and invited Akinjo to bring it. The Hoya guard complied with McKnight’s request and quickly drove by him for the score.

Rather than let bygones be bygones, Akinjo immediately bodied up McKnight before the inbounds pass had even been thrown. Once the Seton Hall guard got the ball, Akinjo immediately slapped the floor in retaliation. Unlike the cautionary tale that happened just seconds earlier, the freshman guard’s defense proved useful and forced McKnight to give the ball up before getting a shot off.

The best part about all of this is how the referees let these players hash things out on the court without feeling the need to intervene. It’s cool when this kind of harmless back-and-forth happens in sports and it should happen more often.

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