Screenshot: Twitter

White tennis players from Telfair County High School in Georgia have been punished for posing for a photo in which they wore white bags over their heads with the eyes cut out. The photo, which was taken on Snapchat and then distributed on Facebook in the days after the tennis tournament, was taken after the Telfair County team went to Irwin County High School, a school which reportedly has black players on its roster, in the Georgia state boys single-A tennis championship last weekend.

On Thursday, WMAZ reported that Telfair Superintendent Lenard Harrelson said the Telfair County players had been disciplined, though the punishment wasn’t specified. When reached by phone, Telfair County High School principal Eric Cowart said that the behavior was “highly offensive.”

He said, “We were made aware of the situation late Tuesday afternoon and launched an investigation and we concluded the investigation late Wednesday afternoon. We disciplined the students yesterday.” Cowart also thanked the community for bringing the matter to the school’s attention. He declined to specify the punishment, citing the students’ confidentiality.

Irwin County principal Scott Haskins declined to comment when reached on the phone.