Georgia Pastor Delivers Sermon On Nick Chubb

Last season, after reeling off seven-straight 100-yard games, Nick Chubb tore everything except his ACL on his first carry against Tennessee, killing his season and sending all Georgia believers into hiding. Now, like the Good Lord, Chubb has returned, and one Atlanta pastor knows just how to pass on the good news.


Frankly, Dr. Dewey Smith’s reaction makes complete sense given just how empowering and uplifting a carry from the nation’s best running back can be—I still get chills thinking about the fact that Chubb loves Georgia enough to give one of his knees to a team that continues to play Greyson Lambert. In his first game back, Chubb rose up to torch UNC for 222 yards and two scores, lighting a fire in Smith’s soul and smiting the Tar Heels with runs like this one:

UNC wept.