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Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

TMZ published a video Tuesday showing Georgia Tech defensive back Step Durham knocking out fellow defensive back Lance Austin.

According to CBS46’s Emily Gagnon, the video was taken at the team’s practice facility roughly six months ago, prior to spring practice. In a statement to CBS, Georgia Tech revealed that the matter came to attention long before the video’s release, saying that “discipline was handled internally.”

The fight itself is really not much of a fight—Austin steps to Durham, Durham gives him a shove, then hauls off and knocks out his teammate with an admittedly clean right hook (alright, he exposes his body a little too much, but considering Austin had both arms at his side, I think it’s forgivable.) Even before Austin’s unconscious body thumps on the ground, Durham knew he fucked up. He first fails to catch him and then tries to move Austin’s body off the chair he laid him out on, while the cameraman mutters, “shit.”


The Yellow Jackets did not, however, confirm whether TMZ got it right that the man standing there and eating a fist is Lance Austin—the senior actually has an identical twin on the team, Lawrence, who also starts at defensive back. Given his poor showing, Lance should probably get ahead of this news cycle and just say it was Lawrence.

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