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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

1. You Might Be A Yellow Jacket ... Sure, the most famous Georgia Tech — because we're talking about the university here, I will refer to them by their official name, "The Georgia Institute of Technology" — alumnus is Jimmy Carter, who was (reportedly) President of the United States and also won the Nobel Peace Prize, tellingly, not for being President Of The United States. But the GIT ('er dun!) alumnus more recognizable to the majority of United States citizens is no doubt comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the famous "you might be a redneck" fellow and current host of "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" (Answer: No.)

2. Their Fandom Of Anheuser-Busch Products Rivals The St. Louis Cardinals'. For years, the Cardinals' played the Anheuser-Busch anthem "Here Comes The King" during the seventh-inning stretch — more colloquially known as "the Clydesdale song" — before moving it to the eighth inning when they moved to their new ballpark. The Georgia Tech band has a similar tradition; they play "When You Say Budweiser" during the second-to-last timeout every home game. The fans respond by, according to Wikipedia, "alternately bending their knees and standing up straight." I don't know what that means.


3. Thaddeus REALLY Young. The Yellow Jackets are led by their two hot freshmen recruits, Thaddeus Young — who was born in June 1988! — and Javaris Crittendon have been the team's two best players all season, the two leading scorers, the two dominant forces, if someone who is a teenager can ever be referred to as a "force." The bad news is that they both very well might be gone after this year to the NBA Draft. (Though Crittendon says he's staying.) And I still can't get over the fact that I was already going through puberty when these two were born. (Barely.) — Will Leitch

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