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German Zombie Scores Game-Winning Goal While Wearing A Defibrillator

Why, you might be asking, do the other members of German third tier side Stuttgart Kickers react to Daniel Engelbrecht's not particularly impressive game-winning goal, scored in stoppage time, with such passion and joy? Well, it's because Engelbrecht is a real life zombie.

You see that little gun holster-looking contraption on his shoulder? It's a defibrillator. Engelbrecht has just recently returned to his soccer career after over a year off because of a heart attack suffered in the middle of a match. While playing for Stuttgart's reserve team last season, the striker collapsed on the pitch in pain. He lost consciousness. It was eventually discovered that Engelbrecht had suffered a heart attack, which required four surgeries on his ticker.


After his recovery, Engelbrecht's doctors recommended against him continuing to play soccer. Engelbrecht was all, "Buzz off, punks, I'm gonna do what I want," and decided to come back anyway, on condition that he wear the defibrillator to protect him in case anything goes wrong. He's been subbed on for a few minutes of game action towards the end of matches this this season, and the video above from this weekend is his first goal. As his shirt under his shirt (which he received a yellow card for displaying) read, "Nothing is impossible."

This story is kind of weird, though. Engelbrecht should be able to live his life the way he sees fit, and if he's fine with the risk, far be it for any of us to tell him differently. But dude, should you really be tempting fate like that? And Stuttgart running him out there knowing the dangers seems a little odd, too. Whatever. Zombies need sports, too.


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