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You’re gonna have to trust me on the sequence here, because I can’t find video of the before or after: On the 531-yard par-5 17th hole today at the John Deere Classic, Kelly Kraft badly shanked his drive off the tee. Like, incredibly badly. Here he is lining up his second shot:


That is a ledge on a hospitality structure located well off to the left of the fairway, roughly 330 yards from the hole, just 188 yards from the tee. Just for point of reference, on the 561-yard par-5 2nd hole, Kraft whacked his drive 310 yards to the center of the fairway, and made birdie. On Friday Kelly made par on 17 after nailing his tee shot 277 yards and landing it on the right edge of the fairway. This Saturday pickle on 17 was something special! Now get a load of this:


The crowd reaction confirms what you already know: Kelly smoked his iron off the structure and over those damn trees like a damn baller, and landed it 203 yards closer to the green, in a manageable section of rough next to a fairway bunker. A clutch approach shot left him with a putt for par, and he sank it.


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