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We've been waiting for someone to come up with a definitive ESPN drinking game, and even though this might not be the definitive one, it's pretty close. Here's a fun "Pardon The Interruption" sampling:

Whenever Mike Wilbon or Tony Kornheiser utters the statement "Your Boy," take a swig of beer.
When a dirty old man homily or anecdote is uttered by TK, take a swig. When Wilbon says a dirty old man homily or anecdote, take a shot.
If there is a guest host subbing in, take a shot.
Every time either man says "Sawx" in that weird ass way swig.


There's a bunch more, even an "Around the Horn" drinking game. Our favorite observation, however, is that Bill Simmons looks vaguely like Mark Linn-Baker from "Perfect Strangers." Other than the hair, he kind of does.

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