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Tonight's Pirates vs. Nationals game at PNC Park is a sell-out ... the Bob Walk bobbleheads are just too great a temptation to ignore. But if some pissed off Pirates fans have their way, the stadium will empty out quickly.


A group called "Fans for Change" wants the people of Pittsburgh to rise up against shitty Pirates management and walk out of the game tonight (after you get your Bob Walk bobblehead, of course).

Don't expect to notice anything if you're watching on TV, though. One, the Pirates TV station doesn't plan to show the walkout. And two, these things rarely ever work, let alone have the desired effect.


Last year during a Lions game, tens of thousands of fans were supposed to get up and leave in the second quarter of a game, but only about 4 people actually ended up doing it. And even if they had left, what was it going to do, alert Matt Millen to the fact that the Lions suck? I'm pretty sure he had noticed.

But I don't begrudge you your anger, Pirates fans, you certainly have a right to be upset ... and I do wish you well with your public hissy-fit tonight.

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