Guess what, kids? Tonight's the MLS All-Star Game? We're pretty sure the MLS All-Star Game exists just to give the MLS Web site something other than David Beckham to talk about. (Snappy URL on the MLS site, though.)

Anyway, the MLS All-Stars play Celtic tonight at Dick's Sporting Goods Stadium in Denver โ€” that's a stadium, not an actual store โ€” and you can smell the excitement.

I guess it's nice for the fans in Colorado and a showcase for Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Other than that, it's pretty much a waste. Put it this way โ€” if the MLS all-star game never happened, would anyone notice. The old tree falls in the woods argument. It's not like the American public cares all that much about the MLB all-star game anymore, saying nothing of the Pro Bowl.

It made some sense when they had the whole weekend to do skills competitions and the like. On a Thursday night? Especially when two days later is that Beckham game against Chelsea, which ESPN will probably just use the all-star game as a platform to promo it to death anyway.

That's exactly right: Tonight's MLS All-Star Game will be a two-hour promo for a game two days from now featuring a player who isn't there and may be too hurt to play anyway. Sounds fun!

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