Now that it's cool to care about the Boston Marathon again, Fittish will spend the next seven days familiarizing you with the elite field. Today's entry: Dennis Kimetto.

Name: Dennis Kimetto

Country: Kenya

Is "Kip" Somewhere In His Name?: Yes (middle name Kipruto)

Does He Sometimes Use a Different Last Name?: Yes (Koech)

Age: 30

Really?: Uh, sure. One time they gave him the world junior record for the half-marathon, until they realized he was actually ten years older than they thought. But it's all straight now, I'm sure.

PR: 2:03:45 (4:43/mile)

PB: 2:03:45

Why Do Some People Say PR and Some Say PB?: I think one is metric.

Headphone Wearer?: No.

Carboloader?: No.

Signature Wins: Chicago 2013 (course record); Toyko 2013 (course record); Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon (psyche!).


Signature Second Place Finish Where He Conveniently Finished One Second Behind His Teammate Who Received An Extra $500,000 With A Victory: Berlin 2012

Likelihood of Victory: High to Very High. He has the fastest personal best in the field, and has won his last two races in decisive fashion. With a victory in Boston, he joins yesterday's London winner, Wilson Kipsang, as the co-greatest marathoners on the planet.


Fun Fact: Would become the first Dennis to win the Boston Marathon since three-time champion Dennis Rodman.