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At 5 p.m. ET today, Matt Murphy, that guy in the Mets jersey who caught Barry Bonds' 756th home run, is going to announce whether or not he's going to sell the ball. Forgive us, but by the looks of an eBay page he just set up, we think we have a pretty good idea of what he's going to do. (We kid, by the way: He's obviously not selling it.)

Murphy, ever the entrepreneur, i selling that ketchup-stained Jose Reyes jersey he was wearing. Current price is 100 bucks.

This is the real Jersey I wore at the Giants game while catching the famous Barry Bonds career 756 ball...I have not washed the jersey. There is a picture of me holding the Jose Reyes jersey that I wore to the game. There are several ketchup stains on the front as well as back illustrated in the pictures from being on the ground of At&t park figthing for the ball. This is the real Jersey, I will be putting the hat that I wore to the game up for bid also. There are a lot of fakes floating around......i promise you this is authentic. For me to autograph the jersey will be at the buyers request.


You haven't washed it? Jeez, sign us up!

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